About Us.

World Hunger Day was founded by The Hunger Project in 2011 to call attention to the global food crisis.

Since then, World Hunger Day has grown into a globally-recognized day of significance and millions of individuals, organizations, corporations and governments have come together to highlight the importance of creating a world without hunger.

About The Hunger Project

Founded in 1977, The Hunger Project is a global movement dedicated to creating a world without hunger. We believe people living in hunger are not the problem. They are at the heart of a sustainable solution that lasts.

All our data, gathered over four decades, points to the same thing: supporting people faced with hunger to build their own solutions is critical. By empowering communities facing hunger, we can transform the systems of inequity that keep hunger in place. Once and for all.

We don’t see a billion mouths to feed, we see a billion human beings who are aspiring change makers, entrepreneurs and innovators.

Maternal and Child Nutrition: What We Do.

Educate on maternal and childhood health.

We host tens of thousands of women around the world at training workshops in which healthcare professionals explain the basics of nutrition for both children and mothers and the importance of pre- and postnatal care.

Monitor maternal and childhood health.

We work with trained healthcare workers and community volunteers to support mothers to monitor their children’s health and weight. Where available, we connect mothers and children with micronutrient supplements that support growth and development.

Provide training on sustainable farming practices

Our partners learn techniques to sustainably improve crop yields, providing entire communities with increased access to food and the knowledge necessary to diversify crops and therefore, create nutritional diets.

Take Action Today.

Invest in Mothers

Access to nutrition education can be one of the most powerful interventions to prevent malnutrition. When we support and uplift mothers, we're not just helping families, but building stronger communities. Thriving moms mean a brighter future for everyone.

Share Your Story

Breastfeeding and ensuring children have good nutrition is hard work. Share your story and words of encouragement for women around the world! We will share a selection of stories online and with women in rural communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Inspire Nutritious Eating

Share your favorite nutrient-packed recipe today on social media - and remember, even the simplest recipes can make a big impact! Use the hashtag #WorldHungerDay2024 and tag @TheHungerProject.

Become a World Hunger Day Champion

Download our social media toolkits and share your support for thriving mothers on World Hunger Day. Or you can enroll your company to become a partner for a world without hunger.